I ordered 2 parts from them to be delivered in 10 days and recieved 1 from some where in Calif. not Kansas where I had ordered it. I called numerious times for mo. and 1/2 and did not get any help. But he did say at the first when I talked to him I was affraid of what would happened did. He informed me to use Visa. I did . Bad Bad. I did not recieve the car part, they got pissy with me I got pissy with them and went to visa and filed a complant . They 4 auto got on the ball and sent the item 7 weeks out. I sent it back to them I was forced to meet a schedule and purchased another. Remind you that the 1st item came in on time thru the mail. the second did not . there main complant they could not read my wrighting to ship the second after they already had sent the 1st w/ not address problems.

Long story short they keeped my money the keeped the 2nd part and it costed me 215.00 plus a big phone bill trying to get them to work with me. but I believe the place is a rip off . I did find parts cheaper better and at fraction of the cost in Denver.

Visa ended up siding for them and not protecting there customer . Remind you that it was not Visa , nor Charles @ 4 auto parts nor chase bank driving a unsafe car around for 2 mo. with damage that could got greater, and dodging police here and there. but a simple return call or the trueth would went along ways with me. but all 3 are off my to do list. I am cashing all my accounts with visa chase and 4 auto parts lost me and my car budies for ever. Just my account alone will be over 100,000 with visa and chase.

Tired of paying but not recieving

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I received a broken light from him, called to get a call tag, and he tore me a new one, in front of his employees. I wish I had seen the F rating from the Better Business Bureau before I purchased from him. Luckily, the credit card company sided with me, after I refuted his charges.

to Dave H Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1315004

F rating??? Looks like an A rating to me.


Government Action

The Attorney General of Kansas filed suit against 4-Auto Parts,LLC for violations of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act related to the internet sale of used automotive parts. The court granted the Attorney General's request for a temporary restraining order.

to jake Kansas City, Missouri, United States #773745
4 Auto Parts Verified Representative

Yes the Attorney General did filed a suit on behalf of customers who had complaints. The Attorney General didn't understand the nature of my business or the terms and conditions which were signed and agreed to by the customer prior to purchase. The suit was eventually sided in my favor because there was never any fraud proven and committed.

to 4autoparts #796120

The suit was ended when you paid a fine. Why ANYONE would do business with you is beyond me.

Even you replies to bad reviews are argumentative and display your lack of respect and poor customer service skills. You were banned from Car-part.com due to disreputable sales.

to 4autoparts Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States #1314953

This guy is a crook and belongs in prison

to Anonymous Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1315031

Oh Brian from Pete's Auto & Truck Parts Inc in Jenison, MI, you're so sad and pathetic. This guy is such a ***.

Just like a little girl, he just couldn't wait to run and leave his little review. Is this *** that serious to you that I should be in jail because I don't to do business with your ***? Seriously you really need to get a life.

Nobody cares about these *** reviews except fools like yourself. Check out the link below for proof of this transaction.



This is Charles Moore with 4-Auto Parts LLC and I would like to respond to this complaint. Could you please let me know who you are so that I can get this resolved.

What your saying is sounding like complete nonsense! 7 weeks, I don't think so! I think I'm the one getting Tail-ended here by an upset customer who wasn't able to take advantage of us with their credit card bank.

Also if you had $100,000.00, you wouldn't be out there dodging police here and there, you would have a 2nd or 3rd car to drive! Your bank would not have sided with me if I didn't have adequate proof of the sale.

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