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Order part paid 450.00, received part 4 days later call tell him wrong color, states all parts come in black said sorry not clear coat shiny black, maybe flat primer black. Tells me I better read my terms of sale agreement bxxxh, a few days later mutual acquaintance texts states Charles will exchange if we return, same box, packing only opened one end of box.

Ship by UPS, insure pay for next day delivery never contacts us we call him states dude damaged, no problem we have insurance will call UPS ok I know what they need to pay a claim. Contact UPS 2 days later, sorry claim denied the company didn't have the damaged packaging or part need items to pay a claim. Called company yeah sorry we accidentally threw away. So needless to say out $450.00, no replacement part, no damaged remorse for screwing over his customers.

Now filing with the Attorney General, BBB and filed all the necessary information to my credit card company with his texts, his recorded conversations, and statements from UPS claim rep and the letter from UPS on what 4-auto parts did to sabotage the insurance claim. If you have money to throw away this is the company that will take it and send you incorrect part so your out money and part.

Knows how to *** you out of your money... Bad business

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Kansas City, Missouri, United States #849813
4 Auto Parts Verified Representative

You purchased a black finish panel and the invoice clearly stated that. Once you received it, then you called complaining about you needed a pearl white color.

Because of your wife nasty behavior and attitude and trying to accuse us of making the mistake, we refused to assist you. After speaking with a mutual friend, I decided I would go ahead an exchange it out for the pearl white. After no communication from you and 3 weeks later, a box showed up here with no information whatsoever who it was from. It's was opened and the box it came in was thrown away.

You sent it back without taking any precautions with packaging it and it got damaged in shipping. You need to learn to take responsibility for your actions. It's not our fault you purchased the wrong color and it's not our fault you didn't package your item correctly when you sent it back to you.

Also, Attorney General, BBB and your Credit Card company, all 3 denied your claim.

We sent you exactly what you had ordered and there was nothing wrong with it.

You signed and agreed to what you were to receive prior to purchase. Stop making up this false lies and be a man except responsibility for your actions.

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